August 2013 – New Monitox 1000

With a view to the next harvesting maize campaign, TRI-ZOO a brand of RUFFATO ITALIA SRL is pleased to present you the NEW MONITOX 1000.

UsingĀ  the UV ray feature to enlighten in a fluorescent color those grains infected by the Aflatoxin-producer Aspergillus, MONITOX is today the only system in the market able to determine in real time the presence / absence of contamination caused by mold development in maize and in different food matrices.Developed in collaboration with multinational grain companies, MONITOX provides accurate and accredited measurement of Aflatoxin quantity in the analyzed grain sample.

MONITOX 1000: A real help for evaluating in a few seconds the quality of the harvest.The new generation of MONITOX is produced with lighter and solider materials, with an innovative design, more powerful lamps and functional improvements.Monitox is a step forward for the quality of our maize.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.